Las Vegas!!

So, Chris and I wanted to go on a vacation before I go back to work and before he started his last semester in school! We decided to go to Vegas. We love going there and so we thought it would be fun. We took Kynzie with us and she was great! She slept all the way to St. George and ate and then slept all the way to Las Vegas. She loves the car and her carseat. Thank goodness she is a good traveler because we like to travel. It was so relaxing to be there. We hung out in our hotel room which was super nice. We walked around the hotels and saw the Bellagio water show and went to the m&m factory and the Cola-cola factory and tried 16 different colas from different countries. Kynzie had a good time at the sugar factory ( She slept and smiled the whole time) We even went to a couple buffets and I tried crab! It tasted so so good! I now like crab and want more of it. 
Photo bomb:


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