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The Mountains!

A few weekends ago we went up to big springs park and had a welcome the fall picnic that Chris' family tries to do every year! It was really fun and such a nice day outside. We had yummy hobo casseroles which I love and then for dessert we have cinnamon sugar scones! Can I say amazing! 

Chris and I are going up the canyon this weekend to see all the pretty leaves that are changing. Everyone keeps telling us we need to go because they are gorgeous! Can't wait to see them!

The Mr.

Chris got a job!!!! And he is now called Mr. Stewart officially. He works at Provo High School in the ESL department helping the kids out with whatever they need. This job is such a blessing in our life right now and it is perfect for Chris and works well with his school schedule. We are so grateful for this job opportunity. He even got free school pictures for being "faculty"! Way awesome... Here is his mug shot:

(taking a picture of a picture is kinda hard)
It's official!!

New blog!!

Well, I decided it was time for a new blog. Not because I wanted to per say. So, I have tried a trillion times to log into my blogging account and the email I use doesn't exist there I am trying fifty different passwords and change of passwords and still nothing. So, I decided I will start with a fresh new one! This is going to be fun I can tell. Add me as a friend its