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Chris's Birthday and such!

(I wrote post 1 week ago and forgot to publish)
This week was fun! We got a 2 for 1 buffet coupon at a cheap but yummy buffet called the Feast Buffet at the Red Rock hotel. So, of course we had to go! It was only 8.99! And it was pretty good food. The buffet was for Chris's birthday dinner so we justified a splurge. Haha. ;) On Saturday we went to Hoover Dam. Chris wanted to do something on his birthday so we went there. It is only about 40 min. away. It's pretty big but the water is sure low.  We get to speak in church on Sunday! Yay for us...(Chris is all for speaking, me not so much). Chris will also get sustained as the Young Mens President! He is going to be one busy man. With school, work, church, family, and add in all his homework and thesis stuff. So, Maybe I will come up to provo more this next year to give him breaks!  Here are some pictures from this weeks happenings: