Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

We had a great time at our Halloween party! We even did a little trick or treating! We had a lot of fun dressing up. Kynzie was a mouse. Chris was cheese and I was a cat!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Kynzie 4 months old!

I can't believe Mckynzie is 4 months old! This post is a little late she turned 4 months on 10/17. She rolled over for the first time on 10/20/2014!! and has been rolling over ever since. It's time to baby proof the house soon I'm afraid because she is on the move! She just needs to figure out how to roll back to her back. We will work on that! She talks a ton and loves to giggle and put everything in her mouth! We even started rice cereal and she isn't too sure about it yet. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Las Vegas!!

So, Chris and I wanted to go on a vacation before I go back to work and before he started his last semester in school! We decided to go to Vegas. We love going there and so we thought it would be fun. We took Kynzie with us and she was great! She slept all the way to St. George and ate and then slept all the way to Las Vegas. She loves the car and her carseat. Thank goodness she is a good traveler because we like to travel. It was so relaxing to be there. We hung out in our hotel room which was super nice. We walked around the hotels and saw the Bellagio water show and went to the m&m factory and the Cola-cola factory and tried 16 different colas from different countries. Kynzie had a good time at the sugar factory ( She slept and smiled the whole time) We even went to a couple buffets and I tried crab! It tasted so so good! I now like crab and want more of it. 
Photo bomb:

Mckynzie 2 Months old!

Kynzie turned 2 months on August 17 !! Her 2 month appointment wasn't until today.Which she got her shots and wasn't very happy but she is so cute no matter what crying/happy etc.
 She is growing taller and gaining weight! She is now 22 inches long and 9 lbs 2oz! She has grown so much in the last 2 months. When she was born she was only 17.5 inches! Crazy how tall she is now. She still is really petite but she is starting to get a thigh roll! It's great to see her milestones that she hits. She is now starting to smile at us when we smile at her and play with her. She coo's and tries to respond when you are talking to her. She likes to swat at things by her and she even can grasp her little doll. She is starting to sleep about 5-6 hours at night (most nights) Which is really good since I will be going back to work in a couple weeks. I'm kinda sad that I only have 2 more weeks left of being home all day with kynzie. I will try and savor this time I have left to be home all day!

The many faces of Mckynzie 

 She was sad from her shots :(

Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Born Pictures!

My wonderful friend Sarah did Kynzie's new born pictures for us! They turned out so beautiful. Sarah is so talented in what she does. I appreciate all that she does for me. Here are some of the photos of Kynzie!

Monday, August 4, 2014

One month old!!!

Kynzie turned a month old on July 17th! I can't believe the time is flying by so fast!

Mckynzie's Birth Story

This is kind of a long post:

It all started at 35 weeks pregnant. It was a Sunday and I started to have a headache, nothing serious to note. I went to work Monday and Tuesday still with a slight headache. I get to work on Wednesday and my headache is getting worse. I check my blood pressure and it's pretty high so, I call my doctors office and they want me to go straight to labor and delivery at the hospital to get checked out. At this point I start to cry because I have no idea what's going to happen. I try and call Chris but he is in class. I call my mom and she was going to come pick me up at work and take me to the hospital. Meanwhile Chris calls me back and we meet up at the Costco in Orem so he can take me to the hospital. We get there and they get me right into the triage room and get me hooked up to the baby monitor and contraction monitor. My blood pressure was still high. They drew blood and I get to lay on the bed til we get the blood work results and have my blood pressure taken every ten minutes. Babies heart rate was doing good! The nurses said baby is happy! So that was a relief. I started having lots of contractions every few minutes. So, they monitored those. After laying there for a few hours my blood work came back all good. They sent me home but with a 24 hour urine test to test my protein. (That sure was fun..;) then I came the next day for another non stress test and layed there for a few hours and got my results on the protein test. My protein was high but not high enough to keep me there so, they sent me home. By this time I'm almost 36 weeks pregnant. I then had an appointment with my doctor Friday and my blood pressure was still rising. He was very concerned and said I have preeclampsia and that he didn't think I'll make it to 37 weeks and we would need to induce me early because of my blood pressure. This made me very nervous. Is baby going to be okay being born early? Will she need oxygen? Will she be under weight? In the nicu? The doctor reassured us that there was only a 5% chance she would need oxygen and he felt like she would do just fine. He said since my blood pressure was okay he would let me go the weekend and then follow back up for evaluation. So we made it another week and my blood pressure didn't go up so he let me go to the Friday and then said let's induce you on Monday which I would be 37 weeks! So we waited all morning Monday and no phone call so I called and they told us to come to the hospital at 11:30am.

I finally get hooked up and waited about 3 hours for the doctor to come in and put this balloon catheter in to help me dialate! Man that was painful. But it is suppose to make you dialate to a 4! So we started that and my contractions started and were very painful. They gave me medication to help and it only helped for 10 min and I was back to being in lots of pain. I kept asking when I could get my epidural and the Dr wanted me dialated enough to get the balloon out before the epidural. Let's just say I didn't make it that long. I got my epidural which had to be done twice in the same setting. I then got numb but I could still move my feet! It felt great I made it through the contractions. My dr finally came in around 11:30pm to break my water! I asked him am I suppose to feel everything and they all said no. I was like.."well I felt all of that"... My epidural wasn't working only numbing my stomach and outside of my legs. So they called the anesthesiologist to come redo it for a third time. Finally I was completely numb!!! I then was started on pitocin and my contractions were good but baby girls heart rate wasn't good every time I had a contraction so the dr ordered to stop my contractions to see how her heart rate was when I wasn't contracting. Her heart rate came back down and around 3 am I had not dialated past the 4 that I was at at 11:30p so dr came in and said a c section would be the best option due to her heart rate dropping every time I would have a contraction. So they let me sit for a while since my dr was doing another c-section. At 5 am Tuesday June 17 th I was wheeled into the o.r   . And at 5:11am little miss Mckynzie Paige was born! What an amazing feeling it was to hear her cry right away! That told me her lungs were working. They brought her over to me, she was adorable but I was having a hard time focusing because they had just given me morphine and it was making me sick. I had to push her away so I wouldn't throw up on her so they whisked her away and I just threw up. How fun is that? I didn't get to see her for another couple of hours but our meeting was perfect. She was perfect at 6lbs 5oz 17.5 inches long! She had a huge bruise on her forehead and later they told me they had to use a spatula thing to get her out of my pelvis which is kinda sad. She has long fingers and toes so hopefully will get a little taller than me. She is just so beautiful and has perfect little features.