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Yes, We Moved!!  Chris and I had been looking for a house in the Utah county area since October. We found our house in November and signed papers and we were all moved in right before Christmas! Everything just fell into place for us buying this home. It's in a great area in Springville and we love it. We feel so blessed that we are able to have a house of our own at such a young age. We look forward to so many amazing memories is this house. The ward is so great and so inviting. We couldn't be happier. Our Amazing Realtor Judy Garrard we thank so much for helping us find our house. If you need a good Realtor come talk to me.  We have had a great home buying experience! Here is a picture of our house! 
I can't wait until spring when I can be out in the yard putting together my very own garden that I have always wanted. We have such a huge back yard. It's going to be a great summer!!

In 12 Days we are Bahamas bound!! We are going on a 6 day cruise to the Bahamas. We can…