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Bahamas Cruise

We got to go on a cruise to the Bahamas in January and can I saw it is the way to vacation. Everything is worry free and already paid for. That's my kind of vacation!! We went on Carnival Destiny  The ship was HUGE, it was like a horizontal skyscraper. 

We first went to Key West, Florida which it was actually a chilly day. (if you say that 60 degrees is cold. It sure was to us since we got used to the 80 degree weather) We went to the furthest south you can go in the United States.  President Truman had a Little White house built for him when he would go to Key West on Vacation.

We then went on our way to Freeport, Bahamas!!!! We spent the day at the beach. It was an amazing white sand beach called Junkanoo. We even got to use a paddle boat out in the ocean and used our snorkles to see through the clear blue water.

After a long warm fun day at the beach we got back on the ship and next stop Nassau, Bahamas!!!

We got to see the Atlantis Resort which looked amazing. We want to go there and …