Chris's Birthday and such!

(I wrote post 1 week ago and forgot to publish)
This week was fun! We got a 2 for 1 buffet coupon at a cheap but yummy buffet called the Feast Buffet at the Red Rock hotel. So, of course we had to go! It was only 8.99! And it was pretty good food. The buffet was for Chris's birthday dinner so we justified a splurge. Haha. ;) On Saturday we went to Hoover Dam. Chris wanted to do something on his birthday so we went there. It is only about 40 min. away. It's pretty big but the water is sure low.  We get to speak in church on Sunday! Yay for us...(Chris is all for speaking, me not so much). Chris will also get sustained as the Young Mens President! He is going to be one busy man. With school, work, church, family, and add in all his homework and thesis stuff. So, Maybe I will come up to provo more this next year to give him breaks!  Here are some pictures from this weeks happenings:

We made it!

We Moved as you may all know! Chris is going to UNLV in August for his graduate program in Marriage and Family Therapy. We have been here in Las Vegas for about a week and a half. It has been so nice to have all my things back (all my living stuff has been in storage for 6 months). It was a good drive down. Chris drove the Uhaul and pulled one of our cars behind it and I drove the other car with Kynzie. Kynzie did great on the roadtrip until we hit about Mesquite and then she let me know she was done sitting in the car. We had to stop a few times to get her to calm down but we made it while singing itsy bitsy spider and little bunny foo foo and mary had a little lamb over and over again! We were so lucky to have Erin and Grant come down with us and help us move in. They were a life saver! Thank you so much guys for helping us out. Then for Heathers birthday they decided to come down and celebrate with us! Heather and Kirk and baby Lexi came and we had a blast! It was so nice to have t…

Happy Halloween!

We had a great time at our Halloween party! We even did a little trick or treating! We had a lot of fun dressing up. Kynzie was a mouse. Chris was cheese and I was a cat!

Kynzie 4 months old!

I can't believe Mckynzie is 4 months old! This post is a little late she turned 4 months on 10/17. She rolled over for the first time on 10/20/2014!! and has been rolling over ever since. It's time to baby proof the house soon I'm afraid because she is on the move! She just needs to figure out how to roll back to her back. We will work on that! She talks a ton and loves to giggle and put everything in her mouth! We even started rice cereal and she isn't too sure about it yet.

Las Vegas!!

So, Chris and I wanted to go on a vacation before I go back to work and before he started his last semester in school! We decided to go to Vegas. We love going there and so we thought it would be fun. We took Kynzie with us and she was great! She slept all the way to St. George and ate and then slept all the way to Las Vegas. She loves the car and her carseat. Thank goodness she is a good traveler because we like to travel. It was so relaxing to be there. We hung out in our hotel room which was super nice. We walked around the hotels and saw the Bellagio water show and went to the m&m factory and the Cola-cola factory and tried 16 different colas from different countries. Kynzie had a good time at the sugar factory ( She slept and smiled the whole time) We even went to a couple buffets and I tried crab! It tasted so so good! I now like crab and want more of it. 
Photo bomb:

Mckynzie 2 Months old!

Kynzie turned 2 months on August 17 !! Her 2 month appointment wasn't until today.Which she got her shots and wasn't very happy but she is so cute no matter what crying/happy etc.
 She is growing taller and gaining weight! She is now 22 inches long and 9 lbs 2oz! She has grown so much in the last 2 months. When she was born she was only 17.5 inches! Crazy how tall she is now. She still is really petite but she is starting to get a thigh roll! It's great to see her milestones that she hits. She is now starting to smile at us when we smile at her and play with her. She coo's and tries to respond when you are talking to her. She likes to swat at things by her and she even can grasp her little doll. She is starting to sleep about 5-6 hours at night (most nights) Which is really good since I will be going back to work in a couple weeks. I'm kinda sad that I only have 2 more weeks left of being home all day with kynzie. I will try and savor this time I have left to be ho…

New Born Pictures!

My wonderful friend Sarah did Kynzie's new born pictures for us! They turned out so beautiful. Sarah is so talented in what she does. I appreciate all that she does for me. Here are some of the photos of Kynzie!