We made it!

We Moved as you may all know! Chris is going to UNLV in August for his graduate program in Marriage and Family Therapy. We have been here in Las Vegas for about a week and a half. It has been so nice to have all my things back (all my living stuff has been in storage for 6 months). It was a good drive down. Chris drove the Uhaul and pulled one of our cars behind it and I drove the other car with Kynzie. Kynzie did great on the roadtrip until we hit about Mesquite and then she let me know she was done sitting in the car. We had to stop a few times to get her to calm down but we made it while singing itsy bitsy spider and little bunny foo foo and mary had a little lamb over and over again! We were so lucky to have Erin and Grant come down with us and help us move in. They were a life saver! Thank you so much guys for helping us out. Then for Heathers birthday they decided to come down and celebrate with us! Heather and Kirk and baby Lexi came and we had a blast! It was so nice to have them here, it really has made our transition alittle easier since we have gotten to see family. It almost feels like we are still on vacation though. So, really it hasn't hit us that we actually live here. Since Heather hasn't ever been here we went over to the strip to the m&m factory and bellagio and coca-cola factory and we had a great time. We drove around and ate at the cheesecake factory and we also hit up a buffet while they were here. We drove out to the Las Vegas temple which is about a 30-40 min drive from our house. 

This is how we unloaded the truck! 
Waiting to unload the truck
Kynzie was a Big helper at cleaning the cabinets

 We are now getting all settled in and learning the area. We haven't gotten lost yet! Even though the streets are names and not numbers. It actually is really easy to find your way around. We even found a Stewart Street! 

Its kind of weird not working. I still feel like I'm on vacation and will go back to work. haha! Kynzie is so fun and such a joy in our lives. I'm so happy I get to be home with her. I get to see all her firsts now! She is so close to walking. We can't even wait! I know, I know people keep telling me once she walks we will wish she didn't but I still can't wait to see her walk and be able to do even more things independently!! Recently her vocabulary has just bloomed. She says hi and bye and when anyone laughs she laughs too. It is so cute. She has done great at the transition of moving until the last few nights...She will not go to sleep. She just cries and cries! So, tonight I tried something different thinking maybe she is scared of the dark? Even though she has always slept in the dark. Well, it worked! I turned on the bathroom light and it shines just right in her room and she went to sleep. We will try it again tomorrow night and see if that does the trick.

We celebrated my birthday! Chris made me a cake in a mug! Look how cute it turned out!! We didn't have much unpacked and didn't have many groceries but he came up with a cake with the ingredients we had. It tasted great!

Eating at Cheesecake Factory with Heather and Kirk

We live right by a taco joint called Pepe's Tacos. So we had to try it. It was actually really really yummy! It's a new favorite.


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